The show that never stops

اذهب الى الأسفل

The show that never stops

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To Randy Orton’s chagrin, Shawn Michaels is back and can still steal the show. And besides ruining the new WWE Champion appreciation ceremony Monday night on Raw, HBK may be out to destroy something more dear to the Legend Killer – his title reign.
Thanks to Sweet Chin Music on Monday, Orton found out that rumors of HBK’s retirement were greatly exaggerated, and now the new WWE Champion could very well see more of Michaels if fans elect to have them square off for the title at Cyber Sunday on Oct. 28. HBK’s return on Monday was shocking, especially since fans’ last image of him was at Judgment Day in May, when he was taken away on a stretcher following a skull-jarring punt to the head by Orton. Michaels had a severe concussion, and in the months that followed, Orton bragged to anyone within earshot that he had ended HBK’s career. (WATCH: HBK after Judgment Day)
No one heard from Michaels for five months, so his appearance at Raw stunned Orton and even close friends. But is HBK’s return and immediate confrontation of Orton surprising? (WATCH: HBK's return on Raw)
After all, he has made a career of overcoming the odds. When he was told early in his career that he was too small to become a professional wrestler, he not only made his debut, but he formed a revolutionary tag team with Marty Jannetty called The Rockers that dazzled both the AWA and WWE. Michaels laughed when so-called “experts” said he couldn’t make the transition from tag team to singles competition. He not only became WWE’s first Grand Slam Champion (the first Superstar to hold the World Tag Team, Intercontinental, European and WWE Championships), but he went on to headline multiple WrestleManias, including this year’s against John Cena.
Perhaps the greatest illustration of Michaels’ resolve came when he returned to the ring in 2002 after four years in premature retirement. In 1998, Michaels – and doctors and WWE observers alike – thought his career was over after a debilitating back injury. However, four years later, HBK not only returned to the ring, but won the World Heavyweight Championship. His in-ring career in WWE had a second life. (Read more about HBK's overcoming the odds...)
And if the Showstopper has his suspected way, Orton’s title reign may have little life yet. Sweet Chin Music turned out the lights on the new WWE Champion and his appreciation ceremony, and Michaels may not be finished playing his tune. Beware Orton – the show is going on for HBK, and that means your party may be over.
VOTE: Should HBK face Randy Orton for the WWE Championship at Cyber Sunday on Oct. 28?

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